Why Flexistretcher?


There are so many programs and pieces of equipment out there developed by "experts," but very few of them accurately and safely meet the needs of professional and pre-professional dancers.

Unlike flimsy elastic stretching bands, the Flexistretcher’s resistance has been carefully constructed to provide progressive stimulus to the muscle working to hold the position against the strap. This combination of support and stretch cannot be found in any other product. The Flexistretcher’s size and shape allows it to be used in full body stretches (such as a ballet arabesque), but it can also be adjusted to target specific, smaller body parts (such as shoulders or hamstrings).



Working with a Flexistretcher, a facilitated stretching technique is applied, allowing the user to ‘actively stretch’—engaging isometric contractions through out the stretch to achieve greater flexibility.

Utilizing the elastic allows for a variable resistance, not relying on gravity and promoting muscle activation throughout the exercise. As the strap is stretched the resistance increases, challenging the muscles to respond with increased effort which promotes muscle growth, strength and power.  The shorter the straps are adjusted the tighter the tension, resulting in a more challenging exercise.  Built to withstand the daily use of professional dancers and athletes, the Flexistretcher’s sturdy construction and custom designed parts are guaranteed to last!

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