FLX Chief Executive Officer: Aleksandra Efimova

RP Group International acquired Flexistretcher in July 2019. Now known as FLX, the brand offers products and training methods that help users stretch, strengthen and recover.

“A major part of the RP Group mission is helping people reach their goals and full potential. FLX does exactly that. It fits perfectly under the RP Group umbrella,” company CEO, Aleksandra Efimova, says. “With flexibility and strength at the core of all forms of fitness and athletics, I am truly delighted to offer another brand that supports not only our dancers, but a much broader market.”

The Flexistretcher was originally created by a ballerina to keep up with the daily demands of professional ballerinas. However, proven beneficial beyond dance, Pilates and yoga, global demand resulted in natural brand expansion through FLX.

FLX now offers a range of products and training methods that support anyone looking to enhance flexibility through stretch and strength. From elastic resistance to exercise and massage balls, current and future FLX collections help fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike reach optimal results.

“We want everyone on a personal fitness journey to reach their peak performance with FLX,” says Efimova.